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Remember That Your Body's Natural State Should
Be Pain-Free, Healthy and Mobile.


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My Qualifications

-  Certified Nutritionist
-  Certified Personal Trainer
-  Certified Weight Management Specialist
-  Martial Arts Instructor / Coach

Specializing in Self-Defense for the smaller, weaker, non-athletic defender who must defend him or herself from a bigger, stronger, more athletic attacker who knows how to fight.


We are committed to providing safe, non-intrusive supplemental health solutions to address your unique health needs.

So, whether you are experiencing chronic or degenerative health conditions, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension we have healthy solutions that work with body and never to harm it.

What Should You Expect?

The first thing that we do is to try to understand your health issues, then we will explain to you on how our safe, non-intrusive supplemental health Therapies work and to also see if our health solutions are a good fit to address your needs.  If there is a good fit, we can then customize a plan to treat your health conditions and/or to achieve your health goals.

If you have any questions then please call or e-mail us to setup a free consultation.

What do we do?

We work with your body to bring your body back to optimal health, because the body is a Self-Healing,
Self-Regulating, Intelligent Machine and when it is running proper and you give it what it needs it can and will fix any and every health issue you have.

Why do we do things this way?

Because your body is the only thing that can heal you.

Your body has always known how everything in your body works, how everything in your body will react to all and any foreign substances and it knows what it needs to function optimally.

So, when the body is put under physical, chemical and/or emotional stress the body knows how to adapt intelligently to those situations and the most important thing to remember is that your body knows how to fix everything in your body as long as it has the proper tools, time and working environment.

No one will ever truly know what your body needs except for your body everyone else can only guess and give you suggestions as to what they think your body needs.

So, if only the body knows what it needs and only the body can heal itself, then why do we keep interfering with the body's healing processes and at the same time weakening and harming the body more.

Just think about that for a bit before you proceed through the rest of this site because you need to stop thinking that a doctor, or that some specific type of medication can heal you.

Doctors can try to help you, but only the body can heal you and if some outside force is doing something to harm the body in anyway then it is not truly helping in anyway.