Wellness Promoting Equipment

We have and use a full body health analysis machine that we do recommend to all of our clients and students. because it will scan all of the organs, tissues and cells in your body.

The full body health analysis machine will scan and detect all abnormalities in the body which then can be addressed by your family doctor or by you making some lifestyle changes to correct the problem(s).

Recovery Therapy Equipment Members Have Access To.

Full Body
Vibration Machine Therapy

- Flush Lymphatic System.
- Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
- Burns calories and relieves stress.
- Great for rehabilitating weak and damaged muscles
   without putting too much stress on them.
- Increases HGH reproduction
- Improves balance and engages your muscles to maintain your stability means that you will get stronger muscle fibers in the parts of the body that are used to stabilize your joints.

Adjustable Calf Stretch Slant Board
Professional Physical Therapy Equipment

The Calf Stretch Slant Board is used for your lower leg injuries like the ankle, heel, hamstring, feet, calves, achilles tendon and so on.  This also helps to relieve tension on your lower back and glutes.

Deep Tissue
Massage Gun Therapy

- Enhances Blood Circulation.
- Relieves Pain by numbing the affected part of the body.
- Releases Lactic Acid.
- Breaks up scar tissue.
- Helps with improving your range of motion.