Our Safe, Non-Intrusive
Supplemental Health Therapies

You should always consult your family doctor before trying
anything suggested on this site because we
are not a medically licenced facility.

We Offer Many New Technological Therapies

These are Supplemental Therapy Programs used to speed up healing
and to lessen the discomforts of your health conditions

and for some conditions these therapies
are the solution.

Cellular Hydration Therapy            

Did you now that our bodies are made up of 75% water, 75% is inside our cells.

However, not all water is created equal.  We need water that actually goes into the cells of our body.

Did you also know that your cells have a skin on the outside that repels most water, meaning most of the water we drink is being peed out.

What we offer is a superior way to hydrate your body which will produce drastic health changes.

H2 Therapy

Hydrogen gas is a powerful cell signaling molecule with potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Inhaling hydrogen gas with a hydrogen therapy machine allows this powerful molecule to rapidly disperse throughout your body, and is being widely studied for the treatment of a variety of health conditions.

So we offer H2 therapy because of all the health benefits it offers.

Vibration Plate Therapy            

Vibration therapy is a practical and effective method to activate, assist and enhance the self-healing processes.

Vibration therapy employs external force to enhance circulation, activate muscles, and stimulate the human body to generate enzymes, hormones and special cells that are essential for cell repair and regeneration as well as body systems' functionality.

Vibration therapy is offered here because of all the health benefits vibration therapies have shown to offer.

Bioresonance Therapy             

Bioresonance therapy is simple – remove the incorrect frequences and input the correct ones.

This is done by inverting the “pathological, disturbing energies” and returning to the body the inverse, thereby cancelling the pathological signals.

Millimeter Wave Therapy         

Millimeter wave is a kind of green therapy that is safe effective and non-toxic.

Millimeter waves have a significant impact on biological tissues through non-thermal effects and resonance interaction with biological tissues.

Red and Infrared Light Therapy  

Red and Infrared Light Therapy works at the cellular level in the mitochondria.

Photons of therapeutic red and near infrared light are absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells, producing much more ATP energy.

Educational Videos Worth Watching

The Benefits of Red and Infrared Light Therapy

This video will explain the benefits of red light therapy and the benefits of infrared light therapy in great detail for many different health issues and chronic conditions.