What are the causes of disease
in the 20th Century

Environmental Conditions ( chemicals, pollution, work stress, etc... ).

What You Eat ( processed foods, chemically ridden fruits and vegetables, etc... ).

Too Much Stress ( work, relationships, finances, etc... ).

Rest, Nutrition, Exercise and Sunlight ( not getting enough of these ).

The repercussions of the above conditions create in your body the inability to get rid of excess toxins which then create an inner environment that breeds sickness and not health and then too many medications are taken that harm and hinder the body from doing its job.

And one of the most important health concern is chronic dehydration since we are made mostly of water that includes your brain, all of your organs, tissues, blood, hormones and even 26% of your bones is water what do you think is happenning to the inside of your body when you are dehydrated.  Water is also needed for every function in the human body and the big ones for us is waste removal and the transportation of nutrition to the cells for energy production and healing.

All chronic conditions and degenerative diseases are a by-product of our lifestyle and environment.

For some people you may have been born with a health condition or maybe you are just more susceptible to having a health crisis and under these circumstances, it just means that you must work harder with your body to strengthen your ability to prevent and to handle a health crisis.

At the end of the day 90% of what we call bad health conditions are just adaptation to our outer and inner environment.  So, if you do not want to have a certain health condition then make the changes needed to your inner environment, give your body the tools it needs to get the job done and the time to do it.

When it comes to your health, we have a saying.

You don't just get a chronic or degenerative disease you earn it.

It took years to get to where you're at so there are no overnight solutions, but the body is quite forgiving so to develop a permanent healthy change it doesn't take long but it does take a bit of time and commitment to the process.

So are we sick or is the body just adapting to the
physical, emotional and chemical stresses being put on it?

Physical Stress ( Bad Posture, Improper Lifting, Sports, etc... )

Physical Stress on the body done wrong will cause discomfort, which will lead to pain, which will lead to less mobility and agility and so on down the list till you get to heart problems, obesity, diabetic issues, etc...

Chemical Stress ( Processed foods, medications, polluted water, air and foods, etc... )

Chemical Stress to much toxins coming in and not enough waste going out will lead to a state called acidosis which will cause many health issues and will increase the oxidative stress on the body.

Emotional Stress ( Family, friends, work, phobias, etc... )

Emotional Stress that puts the body into the sympathetic state which is the fight or flight mode for long periods is never good for the body because your
 immune system, digestion, reproductive and growth hormone production and tissue repair are all temporarily halted until you can get back into the parasympathetic state which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis so that your body can run business as usual.

So, when you have tumors, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, etc... they are there because the body is adapting to its inner environment so they are needed, if you want them gone then change your inner environment and you will change your health.

Now, how you do that and what you decide to change your inner environment into is totally up to you, but that decision will decide if your health will improve or just get worse.

So Why Do We Get Sick?

We get sick because of chemical, emotional and physical stresses being put on the body for prolonged periods of time, which the body has been adapting to.

We believe that pain, symptoms, and diseases are just an outward expression of your body adapting to its inner environment.

Pain and discomfort are your body’s way of communicating to you that there is a problem while symptoms and diseases are just an outward expression of your body adapting to its inner environment.

So, What Can You Do?

1.  Learn how the body works and what it needs.

2. Know the difference between sickness and adaptations.

3. Always work with your body, and never against it.

And as an option use our safe, non-intrusive supplemental therapies 
to speed up your healing process.